This is the occult underground. Make it your own.

I’ve made some changes which might be a little weird, given the published material about UA. Simply put, We are not playing UA anymore. Instead we are playing a living game, a game which we have rebuilt for our own use. We are keeping most of the mechanics that everyone likes (including madness based magick) but too much of the game was becoming occult conspiracy adventure when most people wanted to play occult conspiracy horror. If you would like to play a more conspiracy and adventure based game, just let me know.

Essentially, the general level of knowledge about the universe of UA was hurting the horror elements of the game. A big part of street level campaigns is simply not understanding that it really is the fact that the young man in the trench coat is drinking that allows him to throw bricks at you without touching them or that the innocent looking girl sitting in the corner cutting herself and muttering about the true meaning of pain really is about to teach you about the true meaning of pain. When players understand in intimate detail how the universe works, the consequences of that universe become predicatable and mundane. As such, we’ve decided to kick out the walls of this little game. We’re expanding the horizons. We’re bringing the surprise, suspense, and general what-the-fuck-itude back to UA. Simply put, it can no longer safely be assumed that if something weird is going on that it’s an adept, avatar, or demon. It can no longer be safely assumed that the divine clergy is responsible for the functioning of the cosmos. It can no longer be assumed that Alex Abel heads TNI in the hopes of creating a better world. It can no longer be assumed that every dipsomancer will throw bricks, stagger drunkely, and drink souls and that every epideromancer will cut themselves and tear people limb from limb. It can no longer be assumed that the universe will function as you expect it to. After all, everything you know is wrong. Nothing is ever what it seems. The human mind is the most powerful force in the universe: prepare accordingly.

Keep in mind this doesn’t just mean that the GMs have decided they want more freedom to throw ridiculous things at you. We encourage you to embrace the vastly expanded boundaries of this game. Change your adept. Change your avatar. Don’t want to be an adept, avatar, or mundane? Hell, make something new and run it past a GM. In this new game, the most important thing is that every character be unique and have a unique way of viewing the world (i.e. their obsession). I have retooled both avatars and adepts to help show how their obsession changes their reality. This should not make either of them less powerful, just less stable. All characters, whether mundane or magical, should be a person (robot, monster, alien, whatever)with a history, a psychology, a way of viewing the world, and a way to react when that way of viewing the world is shattered by their experiences in the occult underground.

Important: To better understand these changes please check adepts and avatars, campaign direction, and setting notes. Also, please, please, please tell me about your characters.Currently in progress is madness rules.
Let’s put up our example characters
After that’s out of the way, check new rules and Aftermath to read about how the next game is changing and how the last game turned out. Please read about troupe play

* survivors of Baheada have 15 xp, and surivors of friday’s session have 5 xp.
* If you get a matched success or failure the skill goes up by a point.
* Let’s cut down on the in combat metagame. Characters talking and discussing options, plans, etc. is fine out of combat but when in combat please limit advice to things that could be reasonably yelled to each other. For example, please don’t look at other adepts’ formula spells and give them advice about what to cast.
* While you may ask metagame questions and talk out of character to each other, whatever your character says (whether it be asking for directions to the bathroom or begging for his life) you, as a player, must actually say. A funny voice is optional but highly recommended.
* A skill of 15 is a more than reasonable skill. You will probably succeed unless someone is trying to kill you.

Other Notes
New directives:
1. After a shoot-out in Chicago three days ago, believed to have been caused by an amateur cabal listening in on cell phones, TNI operatives are instructed to not use cell phones during an op. Each cell will be given a pre-paid phone for each mission. It is to be used exclusively to call your handler.
2. All missions are expected to be completed within a reasonable timeframe.
3. After some “management issues” and “overkill problems” with previous missions, Cell 87 is getting a new handler.

Oh, given the new rules, you should probably build a backup character who is a mundane.

Tni Cell 87

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