new rules

This is a living document. The rules are constantly changing not to punish or reward any individual players, but to help perfect an already very useful system.

New Rules:

Videomancer Notes:

After further reading of the book, some clarifications are made:
1. film at 11: the camera does not zoom. It just moves, pans, and tilts. Also, the camera does not slow down. Imagine how much you can see through a house window while driving by at 25 mph on a road 25 feet away. That’s what the camera man sees through the window.
2. Confession will be checked much more.
3. Handheld TV’s do not work for fetish shows. It, in fact, has to be viewed on a mounted TV. ( The basic reasoning behind this is that all taboos must be a significant sacrifice. i.e. Not going to a hospital when injured is a sacrifice. Not sobering up, even when you need to do delicate work, is a sacrifice. Not being able to chase demon kids into the woods is a sacrifice. As such, needing to schedule your travel and activities around tv’s should be a sacrifice.
4. Starting charges per mission will be random. (Starting charges for all adepts are changed now. Epi’s, dipso’s, etc. are always “empty” at the beginning.) Basically the number of charges you can generate per week(by the book) times 2-3, with some random number subtracted (for charges you had used). This is representing the fact that the cell has other missions, which require resources, charges, etc.

(1) Instead of rolling under the mind stat to determine whether a character hardens or fails a check, roll (100-soul). This mean that those with a low soul score, like sociopaths, become more easily hardened. Similarly, those with high soul scores, like adepts, are more likely to go insane.
(2) If you fail a check in combat and go temporarily insane, roll a D6 in each subsequent round. If the number you roll is higher than the number of failed notches on the particular meter that has caused this specific bout of insanity, you may act normally this round.

Rules for less lethal combats
(1) A critical hit with a hand-to-hand attack (so long as the weapon being used is not sharp) or the highest possible matched success results in an immediate knockout blow. The immediate knockout may become an instant kill at the player’s discretion. Point blanking rules apply as normal.
(2) A character is typically unconscious when they have 1/5 of their body score remaining in wound points. A character is typically in shock when they have 1/10 of their body score remaining in wound points. A character is always unconcious or in shock when reduced to 5 wound points.
(3) Rule 2 can be ignored with a successful skill role of the appropriate skill (ignore the pain, keep on fighting, etc).
(4) To knock out someone who is not aware of you (example: sneaking up behind someone who fails their notice check) make s significant hand-to-hand combat roll. A major sucess results in the desired knock-out blow. A minor sucess results in a blow for normal unarmed damage. A failure results in the victiming noticing you at the last possible moment and evading the blow.

Non lethal weapon options
pepper spray: Pepper spray is used via the struggle and skill and can be dodged as normal. A succesful pepper spray roll is oppossed by a soul check. A matched success on the soul check indicates the victim is sufficiently focused and well-disciplined to ignore the mace. All other rolls, even rolls under the soul stat, are a failure, and the target loses three rounds. However, during these three rounds the victim is not simply laying prostrate on the ground. A maced character rolls around on the ground screaming, thrashing, and generally foaming at the mouth. As a result, they are difficult to hit in combat, and their thrashing limbs present a notable risk to characters that get to close. Nonetheless, due to the incapacitating experience of being maced, victims must make a helplessness check.
GM Note: This item is intended to function to allow players to retreat from unwanted combat with some measure of security. It is not intended to allow players to incapacitate an opponent and then dispatch them at their leisure. To this end, I remind you that attacking someone who has been pepper sprayed is tremendously callous, brutal, and just plain not very nice. Killing a maced victim will result in sanity checks on par with pointblanking.

Tazers: Tazers require a strugle check to hit. A successful Tazer roll is oppossed by the victim’s body roll. On a sucess, the victim is temporarily paralyzed and loses his next two actions. On a failure, the target suffers momentarily and then drops unconscious. On a roll of 100, the target’s heart is unable to bear the increased electrical current. He suffers a massive heart attack and dies. On a matched failure with body below 30, the target perishes similarly.

Stun Guns: Stun Guns are mechanically identical to tazers except that they are operated using the firearms skill, have a max range of 15 feet, and take two rounds to reset.

Tranquilizer guns: A tranquilizer gun is a modified paintball gun. As such, it is fired using the firearms skill. Due to the difficulty inherent in aiming a tranqulizer gun, it always fires at a -5 shift. After each shot it takes a full round to reloud. If the shooter hits, the target makes a body check every round for ten rounds. A failure means that they fall unconscious. In every round following the first, the victim suffers body a -5 shift for this check. This shift is cumulative such that a victim with a body score under 45 will always fall unconscious.

(1) It is assumed that every character receives medical attention between missions.
(2) Wounds incurring the loss of less than 5 body points, and that were were not inflicted by a sharp object, heal at a faster rate as compared to more serious wounds.
(3) Epideromancers aren’t clerics. as such they cannot heal other people.

(1) Everyone gets a tni operative kit
(2) Kevlars vests: Effective, concealable, and reusable. Pick two.
If you’re wearing a portable kevlar vest and get shot with a pistol, the GM will roll a D6. If the resultant number is over the number of times you’ve been shot plus 1, the vest is still effective. The kevlar stops the bullet from penetrating and retains its own structural integrity. If the result is less than the number of times you’ve been shot plus 1, the vest is now useless. The vest succussfully stops the final bullet but buckles under the impact. If you’re shot with a rifle or high calibur ammunition the chances of the vest surviving a direct hit are significantly impaired.
If you’re wearing an external kevlar vest, expect the same (police)response you’d get from walking around with a bloody samurai sword, machine gun, or decapitated baby giraffe. However, in a “Tactical” situation, the protection of an external kevlar vest is unparalleled.

You know what? Go ahead and read dealing with kevlar. You’ll thank me later.

(3) TNI recognizes that sometimes a show of overwhelming force is necessary. As such, TNI is prepared to recognize such requests and arm their operatives accordingly. However, TNI expects its operatives to recognize that the need for such displays should be few and far between. TNI asks that all operatives be reasonable when it comes to arms requests, and that operatives take due diligence to prevent exposure of TNI.
(4) Congratulations, you’re a member of the working class: your contract with TNI includes a salary.
(5) TNI has also furnished you with a house. You are free to live elsewhere if you so desire (say, if a certain housemate scares the pants off you), but you will be responsible for your own rent and utilities and for consistent rapid deployment to mission locations.
(6) TNI also helps matain a car
(7) TNI Recommends you acquire other armament.

(1) please build a backup character
(2) also, check the current roster
(3) read adepts and avatars

Firearm Tweaks:
Please Remember that firing full auto expends an entire clip. It takes a round to switch out clips. Also, keep in mind that an operative is generally only supplied with only one or two additional clips.

(1) When rebuilding characters, or creating additional characters, please consider the soul skill “aura reading.” It’s in the book. It’s useful. Trust me. Would I lie to you?
(2) This game is about two things: Horror and mystery. Essential to any mystery plot is the gathering of information, following up leads, and coming up with clever solutions. When you don’t know where to put skill points, put them in skills that give you new avenues to gather information.

“UA is a horror game. It’s about uncertainty and tough choices. Really high levels of competence reduce the horror. If you can rely on your 75% Firearms skill to see you through, enemies aren’t terrifying: They’re just paper tigers.”
“If the skills seem low, don’t trust your skills. Push things in your favor. Don’t like your Initiative? Plan ambushes! Struggle seem too low? Outnumber your opponents! Can’t get help with just a low Charm roll? Think of compelling reasons the guy should help you even if he hates your guts!”

Also, please review how to call for backup Mission baheada Mission Haydens Cross Mission a simple routine

new rules

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