example characters

Johnny Budding psychic
Obsession: Acceptance. Johnny wants to fit in, which is hard with powers like his.
Trigger event: his parent’s dissapearence
Fear : Pretty girls stabbing him in the back. noble
Body: 40 (scrawny)
Struggle: 20

Speed: 40(awkward)
Drive: 20
Firearms: 20 (He found an old 1895 Nagant in his parents study after they dissapeared. His father took him shooting a few times, and he started going back to the range with his new gun.)

Mind: 55:
Notice: 25
General education:20 (reads a lot)
Hacking: 25
Structure hacking 15
Soul 75: sensitive
Lying : 15
Charm 15
Aura Sight:35
Object Reading: 20
Empathetic Reading: 25
Influence others: 10 (this ability stacks with charm, but can be used in combat to
actually influence others)
Possesions: his old van.
Nagant 1895.

Fred, Abberant psychic (street)
Summary: a writer who claims to have discovered magic and unleashed his latent magic potential, he is in reality a fraud. Albiet a very lucky fraud with aura sight.
Johnny Dawes, innocent child(street)
Body: 40
Speed: 50
Mind: 50
Soul: 80 Rupert, soldier of fortune(street)
Summary: A rhodes scholar turned droput, he traveled to south africa, and ended up a mercenary. Now he works out of south america, but occasionally goes to asia.
Obsession: Assasinations by Rifle (lee harvey oswald, whitman etc)

Foot chase (get lost in a crowd)
Grace under pressure:
Paradigm: Mercenary Training Violence (vulnerable is helplesness)
Commanding Presence

Alex (Global)
A samurai sword containing the spirit of it’s former owner. It’s possesed the body of an unlucky teenaged girl.
Obsession: Finding a new body, or at least modifying the one I have until I’m me again.
Personality: The main character from Frank Miller’s Ronin, only without the honor.
Fear: Automatic weapons. Machine guns, mounted turrets etc, terrify alex. It reminds him of gatling gun charges.
Also death of the host scares him, because he hasn’t figured out yet how to possess other hosts.
Rage: Children dishonoring their elders or traditions.
Noble: Honor. he will not turn down a duel or test of skill, if asked.

Body: 75 (wound points 74, starts with 4 cuts)
Swordfighting: 65

Speed :60
Firearm 10 percent
Dodge: 25
Do two things at once: 15
Fast draw: 20

Mind :40 uneducated
Size people up: 20
First aid:20
Zanshin (grace under pressure) 20
Soul 80 (supernatural)
Epideromancy : 55 (Formula Spells: Regeneration, The flesh is my servant, The mirror lies. Body like Iron, Pretenatrual Prowess)
Avatar: Mystic Hermaphrodite: 55
Danger Sense 20

Bob “boris” Olishenko (global)
an 130 year old mad russian who’s dedicated the rest of unnaturally long life to hunting and killing rasputin.
Obsession: finding and killing that traitor rasputin.
Fear Passion: Rats. I’ve seen them eat the corpses at the siege of stalingrad. Terrifying little things.
Rage Passion: Sexual predators.
Noble Passion: Aristocracy, and the preservation of the old.
Notes: Bob Doesn’t age, due to a magic spell. He still gets hurt and can die.
Question, Is dipsomancy unbalancing?
Body 70 (ageless)
nondescript: 30
hold your vodka:30
Struggle :25
Speed: 50 (average)
Firearms: 35
Throw: 20
General Education: 20
Mind: 80 (sharp)
Research: 30
Been there, Done That :25
Improvised Explosives :20
Authentic Thaumatergy: 25
Soul: 40 (tired)
Avatar: the hunter: 40 (no declared target at present, has run rasputin to ground)
dipsomancy: 30 (moment of truth, Drunken Stagger, Now I See, Soul Sipping,

example characters

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