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Vlad: Equally proficient in epideromancy and gunplay, Vlad is a Kierkegaard-quoting, Salinger-spouting psychopath who murders by day and sculpts by night. The fortunate few who survive (but only by the grace of Vlad) describe him as “terrifying to fight.” (The number of casualties he’s incurred is likely the result of his trusty pocket machete, Polly.) Nothing stands between Vlad and his mustard.

Jack: Having been almost killed by a entropomancer, he seems to have had a mental breakdown as of late. He has yet to emerge from his institution.

Tim: He was the leader of the cell, he’s in a hospital bed, undergoing major surgeries to correct the damage. The doctor’s are surprised he survived. Most agree he’ll never be the same.

(andrew’s character) spent several weeks bedridden in a private medical facility. The 9mm subsonic was lodged in his kidney. The doctor’s say if it had been a round with more penetration he wouldn’t have survived.

Joseph Kerr is spending his free time fencing, riding horses, using the house tv to watch old silent movies, now that (andrew’s character) is out of the house.

current roster

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