campaign direction

I am trying to change this into a no-myth setting.
Here’s what this means:

EVERYTHING you know is wrong

You’re scared human beings working for a shadowy organization. The Organization calls itself TNI. You get orders. you go to places. Dangerous stuff happens.
You live in a house. There are rooms in the house with padlocks on the doors you’ve been told not to open.
The only superiors you’ve ever met in person are your “handlers.” You’ve gotten a new one. He scares you.

Where you came from

1. Mundanes

you were just living your life. You were just doing the best you could and a “trigger event” happened. This “Trigger event” is not just something weird; it is something wrong. After it was over, nobody would believe you that it had even happened. You were quickly dismissed by friends, family, and mental health professionals as delusional or insane. One day you were approached by a man in a black suit who simply said, “I believe you.”
You immediately tried to explain to him how terrible the world must be.
He asked you a question, “Would you like to do something about it?”

2. Adepts and Avatars

You vaguely remember the asylum. You vaguely remember what life was like before and what drove you into the asylum. All that you remember cleary was life after the breakdown. You went crazy. All the way. You didn’t think you were ever coming back.
You remember the day when instead of getting a little better, you got a little worse. You remember when you got a little worse but it just felt right.
Most of all, you remember the day you proved them all wrong. You remember when suddenly cutting did make you stronger, when alcohol did allow you to talk to the dead, and when watching TV really showed you the truth behind the lies.
You also remember that this didn’t happen to everyone. That some people you knew in the asylum didn’t make it out. Not ever.
You remember when the man with the hollow eyes and the black suit came to visit you. He asked what you could do, and who you where. You remember telling him everything. You told him every sick, twisted, delusional, insane thought that had entered the fragmented structure of your conscious existence that the doctors still referred to as your mind. Then you remember him asking “Do you want to leave?”
Your last memory of the asylum is walking out with him, and nobody trying to stop you.

3. Something else entirely

You tell me.

campaign direction

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