Richard dederer has dropped off the face of the earth.
He went in to a TNI helicopter and was taken, somewhere

Janey, the 12 year old girl was found dead in a ditch a week later. Her tongue had been bitten off. Her arms where a mass of cuts from a pocket knife. There was a bullet lodged in her left foot, and her right hand had been removed with a highly serrated cutting tool. The police claim they are following leads regarding her death.

Rusty dederer was last seen going into a TNI medical transpo. Your handler claims she is dead.

Clarice, the 4 year old, is missing, having escaped your car during the ruckus.

3 days later in the paper there is a news report about a gunfight breaking out in a tenament building downtown. The paper indicates Al (the demon dipsomancer) is wanted for questioning.
The rumor is that TNI sent a wetwork team in and found Al sloshed.


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