adepts and avatars

1. All adepts and avatars are insane. As in, they should be or have been institutionalized.
2. I will never gm godwalker/ ascension style campaigns. In large part because the invisible clergy might not run the world. . .
3. Sanity is back to 100-soul.

New Avatar Rules

* All avatars get, as a free skill, the paradigm mind skill “Avatar.” This skill protects against 2 stresses: self plus one of the player’s choice that fits with the archetype. For example, an avatar of the savage could have hardened notches in self and isolation but probably not self and unnatural.
* Every avatar has rebuilt their personality and psyche to fit an archetype. However, their interpretation of that archetype is still important. All avatars can (and probably should) customize their channels. The channels shouldn’t be radically more or less powerful than published channels, but they should reflect your character’s view of the archetype and your character’s view of the world. Keep in mind, besides published archetypes, you are welcome and encouraged to create your own.

New Adept Rules

* Every adept is like a snowflake: unique. All adepts must write their insanity/ paradox/ worldview in a one or two sentence summary that is unique to that character. For example Al the dipsomancer’s is “Alcoholic beverages are called “spirits” for a reason. Each drink contains just that, a spirit, and by drinking it I can attune myself to the spirit world.”
* Adepts must then choose 5 formula spells no more than 2 of which may be significant. This choice must make sense given their unique worldview. Starting adepts know only those spells and have access random magick.
* Adepts may buy new formula spells at the usual cost.
* Keep in mind, you can (and should) still use random magick and create your own formula spells. Think of the formula spells in the published books as examples as to the different things your adept can do. Random magic should reflect a basic, spur of the moment expression of your paradox in magical form. Your personal formula spells should reflect considered convictions about your magic and reality as you see it.
* Also, consider the different types of adepts that exist within each school. You might be an epideromancer, sure, but are you an epideromancer whose worldview leads them to want to change their own body or to brutally change the bodies of others?
* All adepts will either start with zero charges or, for those whom it would be unreasonable to assume would start with zero, a random number of charges less than what the character could be expected to generate in that amount of time. (see Videomancer notes in new rules.)

adepts and avatars

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