Tni Cell 87

Story so far
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It was a simple assignment. Go to the town. Figure out the clues. Get the artifact. Come back. You all got there on a friday. When you drove away Sunday afternoon, things had gone wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. Every cop in town was dead, as was your backup Big Steve. There were two drug dealars, who jump 25 feet in the air. There was a woman who looked like daphne lee, who might have been a man, and his/her robot. There were dead innocents, many of them torn limb from limb. Lots and lots of dead innocents. Then there were the three men, armed to the teeth who tried their best to kill you. When you where debriefed monday morning, before you began your stay in hospitals, both physical and mental, you tried to make sense of it all.

The only thing your handler said, when you finished speaking was a single word. A single clue. “sleepers”


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